DoctorMe is a company founded by a group of medical doctors and mobile developers with common concerns and goals. DoctorMe acknowledges the global grave health care problems that we will be facing in coming decades. So called Western lifestyle involving decreased physical activity and overconsumption of cheap, energy-rich food is conquering the world rapidly. As a result the rates of obesity have tripled in developing countries during the past 20 years. Today in Western World we have proceeded on this road much farther. At the same time diseases linked to still growing tobacco and alcohol use aggravate these new global public health challenges even more.

Therefore our goal in DoctorMe is to empower people to make informed decisions and combat against these health issues by providing self care mobile solutions. We believe that solution is not public healthcare or medicalization. We want to focus on healthy life and prevention of sickness. People have to take care and responsibility of themselves!

Smart phones and growing mobile phone density offer unparalleled potential in health care and even more importantly in self care. DoctorMe wants to provide new and creative mobile solutions for this important field.

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